Kim (underweight)





Hello lovelies,

Today I would like to write an experience report. I got to know Mrs Nederkorn via Facebook when I was very worried about my German shepherd Kim, who weighed only 21kg at the end of April. Even my trusted vet didn't know what to do. Mrs Nederkorn advised me to use Anifit in combination with an intestinal cleansing cure (fructosan/mannosan), rice/millet pops, brewer's yeast and salmon oil and accompanied me continuously during the change of food.

Kim suffered from flatulence at the beginning of the switch to Anifit and continued to lose weight. I then increased the ration - at first she made small progress - she started to enjoy playing again - after about 2 months she put on the first minimal amount of weight - but she also had a real zest for life again - and then her weight went up - within four months she put on a whole 5kg, her coat became more beautiful - shinier.

At the beginning the cats had diarrhoea and weight loss - renewed shedding - and now they have a lush and pretty coat. Their coats are thick and shiny - the teary eyes from the cat flu are gone - without a vet and they have well-formed - not foul-smelling faeces and urine - the perseverance has paid off here, which I can advise everyone to do. Disadvantage: They no longer eat anything else. PS: Kim was originally diagnosed with a tumour on her pancreas, which is no longer detectable. I am happy about every single day that I can enjoy with her.

Karin Söhnchen from Burscheid

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